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TAOlife Newsletter / September 2015 / TAO Inspired Living

Dear TAO Family,

From June to November of each year, hurricane season comes to the Atlantic Ocean. Because of this, for six months each year, the Riviera Maya is exposed to a possible hurricane impact.

Although this year a calm hurricane season is predicted, with seven possible formations, (four tropical storms and three hurricanes) which is under the average number of hurricanes in the last 50 years; authorities and business owners should take the necessary measures to act in the case of any natural disaster.

Manuel Paredes Mendoza, director of the Riviera Maya Hotel Association, states that 80 complexes have storm shelters and the rest have agreements for their guests to be transported to a shelter in case of necessity.

The Riviera Maya Guest Locator is ready to be activated. This is a system which lets authorities, hotels, and consulates look for guests, through usernames and previously assigned codes.

For the local population, there are 50 shelters in Playa del Carmen and two in Puerto Aventuras, which are certified to provide total safety. The majority are schools which are adapted to receive people if needed.

Lucio Salvador Arguea, co-director of operations for Public Safety in Playa del Carmen, recognizes that the coastal areas are the most vulnerable. He indicated that it is important to know what to do before, during, and after a hurricane, and informative talks are given in schools, neighborhoods, unions, and businesses.

In case of a hurricane alert, you should have a week’s worth of the following on hand to survive: canned foods, medicines, special foods, cash, a flashlight, drinking water, buckets, adhesive tape, a watch, matches in sealable plastic bags, a radio with batteries, books, toys, table games, sheets, clothes, a cooler, powdered milk and baby food.

The region has been hit before by powerful hurricanes like Gilberto, Emily and Wilma, and even though they were Category 5 and had a destructive path, this did not stop the region’s rapid recovery due to the hard work of local residents to rebuild.

The effort of a community during and after a natural disaster is fundamental in controlling damage and avoiding a rise in the number of people affected.

Hurrican Season

Foods to Choose / Things to think about:

Hurrican Season

Shelf-stable foods (non-perishable foods that don’t need cooking or refrigeration) that are easily prepared.

Foods that appeal to family members.

Foods that are calorie- and protein-rich to help maintain energy and strength.

Foods needed to meet special dietary needs (such as for babies & toddlers, the elderly, diabetics and sick people).

Single serving (snack-sized canned goods) or one-meal canned foods to avoid leftovers.

Instant meals/soup mixes/powdered foods/freeze-dried foods will need water for reconstituting.

Foods packaged in cans or solid plastic containers will be more secure. For foods packaged in lightweight plastic or paper, place them inside heavy zipper-lock plastic bags.

Avoid a lot of salty foods that will make you thirsty (dried foods like jerky, chips, crackers, etc.).

Avoid glass jars/bottled foods that are heavy/bulky/breakable.



Hurrican Season Hurrican Season Hurrican Season

Pet needs
Staples like sugar, salt, and pepper
Comfort/Stress Foods like hard candy, cookies
Instant coffee, tea bags, cocoa
Manual can opener

Scissors for plastic and foil packages
Disposable plates, bowls, cups
Plastic zipper-lock bags (various sizes)
Paper towels, napkins
Toilet paper
Sanitary hand wipes
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
Garbage bags
Granola bars/compressed food bars

Crackers/snack crackers packs
Dry, ready-to-eat cereals
Instant oatmeal (requires safe water to reconstitute)
Dried fruits
Trail mixes (blends of granola, nuts, seeds, dried fruits)
Canned fruits
Canned juices
Shelf-stable “boxes” of juices


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Thank you very much and have a great day!



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