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TAO Homeowners Newsletter | September / Septiembre 2016 | TAO México

Dear TAO owners,

Muevete Campaign

Independence Day

Casandra is a condominium management program, which has been purchased by Tao, and will be the primary tool that will be used for managing the Tao HOA. The Tao Ocean HOA has been running on Casandra and has been the test case to allow the HOA to address any system related issues.

Casandra includes a number of functionalities, including billing, financial reporting, newsletters, and communications, among others. It can be configured by the user for either English or Spanish.

The original plan was to load all financial information, including individual owner accounts into Casandra, so that it could be our single source for information related to our community. Due to delays in resolving account issues with selected property owners, which impacted the transition to Casandra, we have chosen to continue using the existing Tao HOA portal, in order to minimize disruption to our collections process. Casandra will run concurrently.

The plan is to transition payments from the Tao HOA portal to Casandra. There will be a transition period during which we will be running both systems. Owners will receive additional communications as we go through this process.

Going forward, Casandra will be the ONLY official communications channel for Tao homeowners. This will include routine communications, newsletters, and messages from Tao management.

Annual Assembly

Annual Assembly

The next general assembly will be scheduled for Feb 2017. The dates will be finalized no later than 3 months in advance. As the Tao HOA works to comply with Mexican law on condominium associations, there will be a series of meetings or assemblies scheduled, which will start at your building level, i.e. RAM regime, rolling up to phases, and finally to the overall community. Additional communications on this process will be forthcoming.

Renters Format

In order to improve the control and management of visitors to our community, a renter/visitor registration form is being implemented (Date to be determined). This will require all renters/visitors to present a registration for to security upon arrival. Owners will need to notify their property management companies to ensure compliance. A communication will be sent to property owners on this topic

Rules and bylaws

There have been concerns expressed by owners and renters related to the presence of glass in the pool, and pets in the water and off leashes. Signs will be created and posted in the pool area clarifying the rules, and Security will be asked to reinforce with our visitors and residents.

Silvia's Tip of The Month!

It is important to keep your terraces and roof tops clean of leaves and other debri to avoid possible problems with water seepage, moisture, mold, damage to materials and cracks.

Till next month,


Air Condition Maintenance
David (984) 131 5044
Plummer and Electrician, Handy Man
Humberto Morales (984) 164 1311
VIP General Services
Richard Nadeau (984) 207 8025
Executive Chef
Rubén López (984) 130 4176
Fumigation and Cleaning of Furniture

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Warm regards,

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