April Events
  • Visit to Yaxche with magician. Lunch with Mr Vicente May May & Mrs Apolinaria May Abanhe (4th)
  • Diabetics Mission Chemuyil (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th)
  • Diabetics Mission Tulum (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th)
  • Alcoholic Anonymous Tulum (2nd)
  • Meeting with Dr Mena in Tulum regarding future projects and input into the community. We have the green light to work with other Mayan communities in the area. (7th)
  • Meeting at the Centro de Salud in Akumal with Nurse Raymundo to plan the upcoming Health Week in Akumal (starting on the 13 – 16th May) (8th)
  • Support for the family and friends who lost a dear and well liked person in Akumal, Jose. (18th)
  • Meeting at the school in Akumal regarding "El Día del Niño". (29th)
  • Visit to the school in Akumal to celebrate "El Día del Niño". (30th)
Homeowners Comments
  • Louise Dunne: wish I was retired and could be there!
  • Lynda Day: Claudia, I’d like to help if you need me.
  • Antonio Ramos: Awesome! I will be there!
  • Steve Weavil: Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Yaxche, Mexico (Mayan Village) with Claudia and the Tao Foundation. It was an inspirational trip and I captured lots of photos. I would like to share one with you of a little girl that stole my heart (little girl undo "April Events & Activities"). I highly encourage all of you participate if possible. Thanks, Claudia for your continued efforts in supporting the Mayan Community. Enjoy!
  • Lois Kerr: The eyes are windows to the soul and your photo definitely captures this in this beautiful child. I would love to be able to visit a village when we are able to spend more time at Tao! Lovely photo Steve.
  • Catherine O'Callaghan: Thank you Steve for driving us! Wasn't it a nice bonding experience for us, the teachers and volunteers and those amazing, sweet children. And a good lesson to count our blessings! So enjoyed the time with you, Sandra, Maureen Tao rental and her daughters! And as always , thank you Claudia.
  • José Galarza: Nancy and I have also made the trek to Yaxché, and is truly a great experience. Plus, the kids love it when we come by. Thanks Claudia for doing this!
  • Harriet Lyons: I hope we get to visit Yaxche.
  • Maureen McMillan: It was an awesome day and one we won't soon forget. The girls and I felt very fortunate to be able to visit the village and look forward to going again.
Communication Via Social Media
  • Facebook: posts and albums of Yaxche visits, and diabeties missions.
  • Twitter: Tweets of Yaxche visits, and diabeties missions.
  • Google+: posts of Yaxche visits, and diabeties missions.
  • Youtube: Video of Yaxche here.
  • Pinterest: posts and albums of Yaxche visits, and diabeties missions.
  • Blogger: posts and albums of Yaxche visits, and diabeties missions.
  • Wordpress: posts and albums of Yaxche visits, and diabeties missions.
  • Flickr: posts and albums of Yaxche visits, and diabeties missions.
Upcoming Events in May
  • Visit to Xcaret with the children from Yaxche (12th)
  • Health Week in Akumal (13-16th) Wall painting (date to be confirmed)
  • Yaxhe visit (8th, at 8am)
  • Diabetes Mission Chemuyil (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th)
  • Diabetes Mission Tulum (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th)
Action Plan for May
  • Contact Catherine O’Callaghan to join us for the next visit and to ask about the money/dog.
  • food that she said that she would provide each month.
  • Promotional design for Huipil dresses for the Moksha store.
  • Invite Deborah Matthews to the next visit to Yaxche.
  • Testimony from people in Yaxche. (To be sent to Cliento)
  • Testimony/interview from Diabetics clinic/emotional cases.
  • Paint wall in the Centro de Salud. (Date to be confirmed)
  • Define with accounting how to handle the money for books and dresses.
  • To confirm the event with "Gabriel Najera"s on MAY 24th.
Action Plan for the Next 3 Monts
  • Wish list for website
  • Plan to neuter and spray dogs and cats in Yaxche and other Mayan communities.
  • Date to plant seeds in the Elementary school in Akumal.
  • Teachers needed for the Elementary school in Akumal. (Arts, Sports, Music)
  • Organize a Teeth Cleaning campaign in the Elementary school in Akumal.
  • A board of photos from the TAO Foundation events for the TWC.
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