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Dear owner,

First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to send you warm regards and show you the pride that Tao Group is seeing in terms of growth, both in terms of compliance with the Master Plan and in the sense of community that has taken place in the Tao Community. We are pleased to see how life in the Community has increased and the spirit of family is breathed in every corner.

This life also moves to the Tao Wellness Center, where every day users enjoy the yoga, meditation and zumba classes, as well as swimming pools and gym. The Tao Wellness Center is in the process of being renovated, all of this with the option to enjoy tasty dishes in the Bistro. To this we must add the next opening of the Tao Beach Club (May'17), which will have swimming pool, solarium, restrooms, restaurant and wide beach front.

This growth and positioning of Tao as a community of rest, connection and harmony has been a plus in favor of making Tao the place chosen by renters to spend their vacations. These renters, when looking for the place to spend holiday time in family see as added value common areas of the community, amenities and use of Wellness and its restaurant. So much so, that through the information of the rental companies and property managers, we have been able to see how TAO units rent on average 50% more than the units of other developments of the Residential Bahía Príncipe.

As you know, the Wellness Center is not part of the Condominium Regime, and the HOA fees do not cover the maintenance and operating cost of the center, instead this is covered by the developer, granting you as owner the free use membership of the Wellness Center and the TAO Beach Club.

Within the TAO Group's vision for the Wellness Center, it is to make it a reference in activities, events, classes and workshops that can be at the service of the owners.
Within the use of these events and amenities we see how the renters have a high percentage of satisfaction, and this is something that makes us glad. This increase in use has increased the operating cost of the center.

It is for this reason, and aimed at providing excellence in the services of the Center, and to meet the expectations of both the Wellness Center and the Beach Club, we want to make you aware of the implementation of an annual Renter Fee, which will apply to all those owners who wish to rent their units and that their renters make use of the Wellness Center, Beach Club and access to special prices in spa, shops and restaurant.

This Fee will allow your renters to have the following benefits:
- Access to the Wellness Center
- Use of the facilities and activities of the center
- Access to Beach Club
- Discounts of owners in spa, shop and restaurant

The cost of this Fee will be 395 USD (Annual Fee), with validity from April'17 to April'18, and must be paid before April 30th, not being able to make partial payments or for times shorter than the annual fee. The collection will be done through the web platform of HOAS, which will allow the payments to be made in a friendlier way.

Once the payment has been made, the database of units with Renter Fee will be updated. Upon the renters arrival to the Wellness Center they will have to register at the Lobby and there they will receive the bracelets that will allow them to use the facilities and be creditors of the discounts mentioned above. As an owner, you may continue using the facilities and benefits through your membership card. If you do not have it, you can contact Antonio Jiménez (

We are convinced that this policy will lead to improvements in services, which will lead to the satisfaction of both owners and renters, causing them to increase their rate of rent repetition, to the benefit of the owners.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate on contacting me.

Sincerely yours,