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a) It will be permitted to keep pets in the Private Units, provided their size or nature do not affect the conditions of safety, health or comfort of the Master Condominium, Sub Condominiums and Condominium Owners;

b) It will not be permitted to keep wild or exotic animals in the Private Units, or animals adequate for farmland life;

c) In any case, the Condominium Owners, their lessees, borrowers (commodataries) or assignees, will be held fully liable for the behavior of the animals they may introduce into Condominio Bahía Príncipe Residencial Golf and Resorts and Master Condominium which affect its state of cleanliness, health and protection, or that may cause any damage, discomfort, plague or illnesses to other Condominium Owners and inhabitants thereof;

d) Without any condition or exclusion, the maximum number of cats and dogs a Private Unit is permitted to keep is of two in total, in the understanding that pets will have to be registered in the “Pets Register” of the Master Condominium, along with four pictures, vaccination documents and proof of their suitability to live with humans issued by a certified veterinarian, and prior ratification by the Condominium Owner in terms that he/she understands andaccepts the terms of this chapter of the Rules;

e) All pets must have updated vaccinations, in the understanding that the Condominium Owner will be liable for keeping available at all times in his/her Private Unit, the original or copy of the vaccination card;

f) Dogs and cats must wear around their necks at all times an identification plate where the name and telephone number of the responsible Condominium Owner appears;

g) Pets will be permitted to use to use elevators, stairs and corridors accompanied by their owners and exclusively for transportation purposes;

h) Condominium Owners, whether they directly or through their house staff, assume the obligation to pick up their pets’ feces or droppings, and to immediately clean after them any areas they may have soiled. Pets’ droppings will be deposited in the sewers or in the WCs of the corresponding Private Unit;
i) Pets must at all times remain under the supervision of an adult, particularly in outdoor areas;

j) It will be strictly forbidden:

    1. For pets to be left unattended or move around without a leash held by an adult inside the premises of Condominio Bahía Príncipe Residencial Golf and Resorts, the Master Condominium and Sub Condominiums;

    2. To use electronic leashes;

    3. To leave the pets in the terraces of the Private Units; and

    4. To leave pets unattended inside the Private Units for a term which may endanger their life, or as the case may be, for a term long enough to cause them stress or that drives them to bark or meow thus causing discomfort to the Condominium Owners

k) Guests will be allowed to bring along their pets into the Master Condominium provided it is for a short period of time and a fixed period of time, prior approval from the Administration; likewise, the Administration will be entitled to grant or reject approval for purposes of controlling pet population and thus avoid having an excessive number of pets, or a big concentration of them in any given zone of the Master Condominium; and

l) At the discretion of the Administration, it will be entitled to request pet owners to provide training lessons for them so that they may transit in the authorized areas or even remain inside the Master Condominium.

The Administrator, in exercise of his/her faculties, jointly with the Developer, will be entitled to modify, partially or totally, the Annex relative to Common Use Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis, or any general nature rules governing the subject, in the understanding that the rules as modified or amended, will be binding upon the Condominium Owners and Authorized Users, provided the same do not contradict the Incorporation Charters or the Law.