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As those of you who attended our homeowners meeting last year 2016 may recall, we mentioned that we were having some serious budget shortfalls in the operation of the TWC. As we shared with you, we were planning on building a small boutique hotel, which would be used to host activities at the TWC, and would also help offset some of those budget shortfalls. Unfortunately, our vision, and plans, has been delayed, as we await approval for our project.

In order to continue providing services, we had decided to implement a usage fee for owners who rented their units. Since then, we have received feedback from a number of our property owners with respect to this fee.

We shared our thoughts, and why we thought it was the right thing to do, in the previous message to you. And, as promised, as a result of your feedback, we decided to take another look at this.

As background, implementing and managing these type of usage fees can become very burdensome administratively. In response to your feedback, we looked at various cost recovery schemes, and discussed options with our staff, the HOA staff, and some homeowners.

In addition to our originally proposed structure, we looked at options that included a fee person that used the facilities, fee per rental unit per week, per rental, per person, etc.

Finally, we looked at an option where we simply charged a minimal fee to each homeowner, without regard to whether you rent your unit or not. This would also allow all guests to use the TWC and Beach Club facilities.

So, we're reaching out to you to get your opinion.

The first option charge a fee of $395 USD per year per unit for renters, which minimizes the administrative overhead, but still leaves us without a solution for owners that have house guests.

The second option charge a fee of $100 USD per year per unit for all homeowners. This would provide you, your guests, and renters, unlimited access to the TWC and Beach Club.

We have sampled a small number of homeowners, who have provided positive feedback on our approach, so we decided to sample the broader group so that we can get to a resolution on this.

We look forward to hearing from you.