Agreements March 31, 2014

Agenda Meeting with TAO Homeowners

1. Moderators

Meetings moderators included Nestor Ayure (Customer Service Director), Zenia Aldana (Wellness Center Director), Alexander Urrutia (Sales Director), Darren Spencer (Social Media) and Veronica Lozano (Financial Analyst).

2. Introduction: clarification of the intent of the meeting

It was clarified that the meeting is to reach an agreement to build better relations and management of our common areas. The meeting was handled in two languages, Spanish (official and legal language of Mexico) and English.

3. Points to develop.

A. Presentation of the rules and regulations of the common area
• Documents for PHASE I AND PHASE II were discussed and will be available for homeowner review and feedback over a thirty day window after publication. We will present the findings of the feedback at a homeowners meeting that will occur on or around the end of May. (Rules and regulations Fase I [Download/Descargar] and II [Download/Descargar].)

B. Presentation of architectural rules.
The Architectural regulations were discussed and will posted for homeowner reference. (Download/Descargar)

C. Problems Miscellaneous (procedures)
We began by clarifying that as the community grows, situations and problems also grow, so it is important to detect and attack the root of the problems from its origins to generate a smooth and understandable and clear rules community.
- Waste Management.
• Misuse of these directly affects the look and value of the development, which is why we have made a waste manage proposal. (Download).
• Improper waste management is increasing the costs due to additional sorting required.
• The homeowners were asked to follow the rules.
• TAO agrees to label the Garbage containers in the correct way.
• It was suggested to trim the edges of the palapas because access is difficult because they are very low.
• Each owner must provide their renters with instructions on proper waste management.
- Guest access.
• Homeowners must notify property management of any guests, suppliers or deliveries by sending an email to propertym@taoinspiredliving.com preferably with a minimum of 8 hours notice. Without this information, access will be delayed. For last minute access, the homeowner will need to go to the gate and inform the guard, preferably with the names written on an index card.
- Clarification of the responsibilities of the security team.
• The purpose of the security team is to secure the neighborhood and manage access 24/7. They are not a concierge service nor should they be asked to escort guests.
• TAO agrees to make available:
- Emergency Numbers
- Community Map
- Contact Numbers TAO services.
- Procedure for Pool use requests for special activities.
• If you are making a special activity which involves more than 15 people, the owner must request permission in writing to the Customer Service Department who in turn will inform the other homeowners of the event the schedule use of the pool and allowed for this type of activity is from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm The person sponsoring the activity is responsible for guest behavior and proper cleanup.
- Pet Control
Guidelines were reviewed and must be followed.
• Pets must be on a leash at all times.
• Owners are responsible for cleanup and proper disposal of pet waste.
• Pets must not be left unattended and barking and must be kept inside at night.
• Unattended animals will be reported to the animal control services to be collected and removed.
- Telmex
• Everyone is frustrated with Telmex and their lack of desire to service our community. We are going to evaluate and summarize other options (MegaNet, Playa Wireless, TelCel, etc.)

D. Overview of data from common area (income, expenses)
• We defined that the homeowners will receive their bills from the maintenance of common areas within the first five days of each month.
• Payment is due no later than the 15th of the month. Late payments will accrue interest.
c . Dissemination of information and compliance with regulations.
• We agreed to upload all rules regulations to the website (Rules and regulations Fase I [Download/Descargar] and II [Download/Descargar])
d . Advisory Team.
• We asked for volunteers (at the meeting) to help represent the interests and input from all owners. Current team members include:
- Edna Daniels.
- Steve Garcia.
- Jose Galarza.
- Will DeBose
- Michael Schwartz

e . Presentation of statement of income and expenses of common areas.

We presented the current income and expenditures for the first quarter. There is an average of 80 % of homeowners that are paying their HOA fees and delinquent members are being contacted.


• Several homeowners expressed a high level of frustration when issues are not being answered. TAO is committed to better the response time to requests and to provide more timely responses regarding the punch list.
• We explained that punch list items are things detected at the time of delivery and warranty items are covered for one year.

• It was requested to check the elevator ventilation system. Our elevators do not have nor are required to have a ventilation system.

NOTE: Please contact me or my team directly should you have any questions or comments.
Nestor Ayure