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• I live in Tao full time; Do I have to pay the Fee?
R /. The fee applies for units that are rented. If you do not rent it, you can use the facilities and services of the Wellness Center and Beach Club with your membership.

• I will receive my unit in September 2017, when I start renting it. How does the fee apply?
R /. At the time of receiving it, the system fee will be generated, so that you can pay it and have access to the facilities of your renters. This fee will be effective from the moment of payment.

• Is the charge shown on the Hoa portal; how do I pay?
R. / To ease the payment it is shown on the HOA where the hoa fees are. However, this charge goes directly to the accounts of the Tao Wellness Center. This amount will cover approximately 25% of the operating cost of the center, derived from the increase in use by renters.

• I already paid my Fee, how is the procedure with my renters?
R. / Once your renters arrive, they must register at the Wellness Center.
In this register they will be provided with bracelets, with which they can make use of the facilities and access the discounts of owners.

• What is the impact of the Tao Wellness Center on Sales?
R. / For nearby Property Manager data, Tao units rent approximately 50% more than other residential units within Bahía Principe. The renters value in a decisive way the amenities and facilities that are provided to them in the Wellness Center: 2 swimming channels, Gym, daily classes (Zuma, Yoga, Meditation), Temazcal, Restaurant, Shop, massage cabins, and our personalized treatment Make the difference.

• Do the renters need to use the Bahía Príncipe bracelet to access the hotel facilities?
R. / YES, must wear both bracelets. One gives access to hotel facilities, the other one to amenities, services and discounts at the Wellness Center and Beach Club
• What does the FEE include for my renters?
With this fee renters can make use of:
O Facilities of the Tao Wellness Center (2 swimming channels, Gym, daily classes (Zuma, Yoga, Meditation), Temazcal, Restaurant, Shop, massage cabins)
O Beach club facilities (bar bistro, swimming pool, restrooms, solarium, beach)
O Discount of owners in restaurant, shop and spa services
O Wifi Zone in the Wellness Center

• I’m a Tao Ocean owner, how does FEE affect me?
A. / As an owner you have included the use of Wellness Center and beach Club with your membership. For your renters you have to pay the fee, with which you can make use of the facilities and discounts.

By contract I have membership of Tao Wellness Center?
A. / YES, it is correct. This membership, included by contract, applies to the direct owners of the unit.

• How much does this FEE represent in my renters?
R. / Taking into account average data provided by Property manager companies, assuming a 40% occupancy, and an average rate of 100 usd dollars per day; This fee represents 3.50% of the annual rent benefit (after deduction of the property manager commission).

• How much does the FEE cost?
R. / 395 USD annual; with a validity from May 1st , 2017 to May 1st , 2018.

• I’m having trouble making the payment on the portal, what should I do?
R. / Please contact Antonio Jiménez our Communications Manager Telephone 984 688 59 66

• Can I make my payment with debit or credit card?
R. / YES, please contact Gonzalo Tun Telephone 984 875 7200 Ext. 132

• Does the charge I see on my statement have expiration?
R. / Yes, on April 30 of this year if the payment of the FEE has not been covered, we will assume that you will not rent your unit and the system charge will be canceled and your renters will not have access to the facilities of the Tao Wellness Center.

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