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Dear [fname],

By this means we are pleased to inform you of this amazing financial opportunity that can make you save a lot of money.
We are offering a promotion in which you can receive a discount on the purchase price of the residence you have with us!!!

During successful moments of the company, as it is today, we have offered this financial opportunity in three occasions for over the past 12 years. Clients have reacted very positively on this matter! This is our way of thanking our loyal clients.

During the months of May to July 2017, pay 100% of the outstanding balance of your financing plan, and we will give you a 5% discount on the balance payment on your TAO Residence.

This promotion will be applied to the first 15 clients that opt for it. Do not miss this great opportunity.
To apply this promotion you can contact Gonzalo Tuz (
At the time of the liquidation the process of transfer of ownership of the property by public deed will begin.

For any questions that you may have, please contact us.