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Hola a Todos,

I have been contacted by some Sian Kaan owners, with respect to contract renewals for Sian Kaan. As you might know renewals on Sian Kaan leases are happening now for the second phase. The first phase renovations were finished last year.

As you know we are not part of Bahia Principe, we as a company also have a number of units in the Sian Kaan complex. Because we are not Bahia Principe or part of Bahia Principe, we do not control, endorse or determine Bahia Principe’s rental terms or rental offer.

We want to make 100% clear that we are not part of a Bahia Principe or that we are defining any of the rental offers with Bahia. As you know we are totally independent from Bahia, we are as you, owners of an important number of units in Sian Kaan. We have been in contact with Bahía to attempt to get the best offer possible for everyone, but, at the end of the day, that is their decision, not ours.

In the first renewal offer Bahia Principe offered 2 main programs. The purpose of this message is to communicate these two options so you can choose whichever you prefer. I am reaching out to you because some owners have shared with us that they were offered something different or less beneficial than what was offered in the first phase negotiation.

I talked to Bahia Principe management and ownership and they agreed to respect the same offers as in the first phase.

They are mainly 2 offers:

1.- The first one is to give the Sian Kaan owner a Full Privilege Membership with a Value of $15,000 USD according to Bahia Principe. For this offer Bahia Principe will deduct $2,000 USD per year from the annual rental payment paid in the past.

2.- The second offer is to discount $1,000 USD per year from the annual rental payment paid in the past, without giving the Sian Kaan owner the Privilege membership.

Please decide which offer you consider more convenient to you. There is always the option of not renting your unit to Bahia Principe. But considering the hassle free deal and maintenance free option plus the fact that Bahia has always paid its rents on time, we believe it is not a unreasonable option, even though it is not what we expected.

With Appreciation,